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Thursday 8:30 am-7:00 pm

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Jill Brickman, Supervisor

One of the statutory responsibilities of townships in the State of Illinois is to provide general assistance to the indigent.  That aid is intended to preserve the health and well-being of eligible residents.  (Eligibility criteria involve financial need and residency.)  Our case manager helps individuals and families with verifiable need, determining the township assistance to which they are entitled and recommending contact with other agencies as appropriate.  General assistance is considered a longer term type of support than some other aid.  Recipients are often people who are seeking employment or are awaiting disability determinations which will make them eligible for other types of assistance.

Our case manager also works with people in need of emergency assistance.  When someone is about to be evicted, faces utility shutoff, or experiences a medical crisis, the township is often where he or she will turn.  Emergency assistance is only available to a resident one time per year and is used in cases of impending emergency or in life-threatening situations.

Both general and emergency assistance are offered within the written guidelines adopted by Northfield Township and the State of Illinois.

We are grateful to the many social service agencies with which we team.  There are many times when representatives of those agencies work with our case manager to provide the best assistance to residents in need.  We are fortunate to live in a community where a cooperative spirit prevails.  It is one way in which we are able to offer residents the best help possible in a time of need.