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Northfield Township Assessor
Patricia K. Damisch CIAO


Northfield Township Assisted Over 1,200 Resident File Real Estate Tax Valuation Appeals

Northfield Township Assessor Patricia Damisch announced this week that the recent 2016 real estate valuation appeal period was the township’s busiest ever, with over 1,200 residents helped during the one-month appeals period. In late July all owners received new valuations for their properties from the Cook County Assessor. These valuations were based on sales activities in the three prior years.
Professionals at the Township met one-on-one with residents to review their properties’ unique situations. An in-house computer system was often utilized to find comparable properties to determine whether the owner had a valid case to file a protest. Staff then gave guidance on how to proceed in the most effective manner.
“Cook County has introduced a user friendly on-line platform to file appeals via the website We were able to help hundreds of residents with online appeals filed through our office or directly by the taxpayer,” Damisch reported. “In addition we assisted with the preparation of 400 paper appeals.”
Throughout the year Assessor Damisch and the Township’s deputy assessors work with residents on exemptions and other real estate tax issues. It is anticipated that Northfield Township will be open with the Cook County Board of Review around December 1st for a four-week period. Residents wishing to be informed of the opening of that one-month period should visit and sign up for the township’s e-newsletter, through which notice will be sent as the dates are announced.

Property Tax Information Website

Cook County has a one stop property tax information website enabling residents to access more information than ever in one location. This property tax portal accessed at combines information from various county offices into one unified site, allowing residents access to a streamlined process to handle all their property tax issues. Taxpayers will no longer need to visit up to six county offices to piece together the record on their properties-that information is now all found on the Property Tax Portal.

Residents are able to access information on assessment appeals to the Board of Review; ownership and liens from the Recorder of Deeds; payments and refunds from the Treasurer; valuation, exemptions and appeals from the Assessor; prior bill statuses, delinquencies and Tax Increment Financing Districts (TIF) information from the Clerk and a plethora of other helpful information.

The site also includes a link that explains how property taxes work with an easy to understand flow chart. Another feature is that taxpayers may conduct a search by Taxing District name to view debt disclosures and /or download any financial statement uploaded by a particular agency.