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Assessor Patricia K. Damisch

Northfield Township Assessor
Patricia K. Damisch CIAO
Winter 2015 Update

The 2014 first installment tax bills were sent out this past January. The due date for these tax bills is March 3, 2015. First installment bills are always 55% of whatever a property was billed last year. If you received a reduction in your assessed value for tax year 2014 the effect will be felt in the second installment bill which will be mailed on July 1, 2015.

Senior citizens who are eligible for the Senior or Senior Freeze Exemption must file the senior form annually to get the exemption, even if they have had it in the past. Staff at the Township are able to assist residents in filling out the forms if help is needed. These forms can be turned into Northfield Township for processing or mailed to Cook County. The exemptions are due by April 1, 2015.

Northfield Township will be open July 31, 2015 for individuals seeking to appeal their assessed value to the Cook County Assessor. These appeals would affect taxes paid in 2016.

Property Tax Information Website

In early April 2012, Cook County unveiled a one-stop property tax information website enabling residents to access more information than ever before at one location. The new property tax portal, accessed at combines information from various county offices into one unified site, allowing residents access to a streamlined process to handle all their property tax issues. Taxpayers will no longer need to visit up to six county offices to piece together the record on their properties-that information is now all found on the Property Tax Portal.

Residents are able to access information on assessment appeals to the Board of Review; ownership and liens from the Recorder of Deeds; payments and refunds from the Treasurer; valuation, exemptions and appeals from the Assessor; prior bill statuses, delinquencies and Tax Increment Financing Districts (TIF) information from the Clerk and a plethora of other helpful information.

The site also includes a link that explains how property taxes work with an easy to understand flow chart. Another feature is that taxpayers may conduct a search by Taxing District name to view debt disclosures and /or download any financial statement uploaded by a particular agency.